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Details? - WTF?

Reading CNN today - Reading is fun - President Trump should try it some time - I came across an article on Trumps issues with actually doing something, and not just brag about things he's done, want's to do, or make up he has done.

WTF. Detail about funding?! When you are going to spend in excess of USD 20 billion from the treasure of an indebted country that is not a detail. That is a major issue. 20 billion dollars are not a detail. Particularly when it is not something anybody wants to pay for. And you have promised not to spend your own money. You have actually promised that somebody else are going to pay for it, and that said party, the country of Mexico, has stated it will not pay for it.

20 billion dollars can be spent on a lot of important issues. And it is no little detail.

Furthermore, CNN goes on to describe how the Republicans are eager to repeal the affordable care act, and replace it with something else. So far, maybe so good, that is what politics is all about, and a majority of Americans want a Republican majority on the Hill (but not as President). However, now it turns out that finding a replacement is tough according to Trump. Let's for a second take his word for that (HA-HA), and assume that is correct (you never know). That was not expected? Providing a population of 320+ million people with any public service will inevitably be complicated - Right? But I guess that is just an other detail.

I think what I find most troublesome with the whole Trump presidency thing is how the American population no longer seem to care about the credibility of their leader. Donald Trump has been untruthful since before he entered the presidential race, and notably untruthful during the race and into his presidency.

How can the general public accept to sit idle and watch their government make up lies to justify actions that impact millions of their own people. How can you not question the rationale for presenting untruths to justify your actions. How come nobody asks WTF?

And on top of all CNN also reported today that there appears to be some truth to the intel report that the Russians got a compromising video of Donald Trump. The video itself is not confirmed, but it strengthens the whole case.

But the Republicans are not concerned because according to Donald he is always very careful when he travels abroad. WTF! He's defence was not: "That is impossible, I have never done anything like that." No. The defence was: "I am always very careful when I travel abroad." WTF. And on top of all. How can anyone tell what Donald Trump tells that is true, and what is just another lie.

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