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I have joined the resistance!

Welcome to La La Land. After two weeks of "giving Trump a chance," I've had it. The so-called 'leader of the free world' is freaking me out. He blatantly lies, belittles knowledge, woman and minorities, he has some undisclosed tie with Russia and/or Putin, and the list goes on.

I can no longer sit still and watch this shit.

I am officially joining the resistance to fight for a better leadership of the free world.

The US is a democracy, and a pretty clear minority chose Donald Trump as their guy. They watched him for one year. And he was insane throughout. They still chose him as their guy. I guess he is more of a symptom of more deeply rooted problems as much as the actual problem. But right now he is, through the office he degrades, a clear and present danger to the values I believe in, the peace and future I want my children to enjoy and the political future of the only current Super Power.

So here I am. Making a stand.

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