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Pragmatic resistance

I am normally quite pragmatic. I don't rush off to participate in marches for, or against, stuff. That is not because I do not have strong opinions - Ask anyone who knows me. It's just that I have a family life, a job, a few hobbies, a house, and a huge backlog of to-do's.

So when I decide to join the resistance it has to be done in a pragmatic manner I suppose.

So I based on what I am for - I've started to make a list:

Not stay quiet:

- start this blog

- actively retweet and share facts, not rumours

- share and retweet others that share my view

Support facts, knowledge and science:

- donate to various magazines and organisations that I find worthy

Channel my money to the "right" companies:

- I've stopped buying books on amazon for now, but it's hard to boycott completely since my book is sold there

- never ever stay or visit in any of Trump's hotels

Some things, like stop buying Under Armour, is almost ridiculous, but I have worked long enough for McDonald's to know that companies like that follow their sales figures like a hawk. Small shifts in sales are picked up immediately. So it doesn't take all the customers to change behaviour. Just a few is enough to create attention.

Anyone can do small stuff like that. We all can.

Like and share.

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