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Insulting the insane

The modern version of Richard III continues his reign of incompetence, insecurity, arrogance, bigotry and self-loving. But luckily even the Republican Congress seems to realise they may no longer sleep on their watch.

Watching from afar it is spectacular how Donald Trump is able to hugely diminish even the role of President of the United States. An honour born by personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Big personalities who have left a lasting imprint on the world as much as on their own country.

Then comes Donald Trump. It is not his fault that a large minority of American voters found their best hope in him. But by showing no humility for the fact that most Americans wanted someone else to govern, and showing no respect for the importance of governing and providing a nation with a leadership with an empathy for the needs of the people his incompetence also, inadvertently, reflects on the role as president. Who cares? If the man is a joke, albeit a sad one, then so is also the function.

It is tempting to assign mental illness to Trump. I previously said that he would have been admitted had he been any other seventy years old fantasising about crowds not there. But I came across this article in The New York Times where an authority on the subject begs to differ. It is worth reading.


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