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If he looks tall at all....

I've been logged off for a while, so it is kind of hard to know where to start.

Should I go for the very latest? Tearing apart what little there is of environmental protection legislation in the US? It was to be expected, but the environment is not just an American thing. We all own it. It will create problems for generations to come, and for all of us. Not just the Americans.

Or should I point out that the buck doesn't stop here for the little man in the big office? Apparently, when he can't get a bill through Congress, it is because his background as a businessman does not give him the tools to fully understand how Congress works. Well. His background should have taught him that you do not ask a demolition man to repair your Patek Philippe either. What about going to war or not. Does he have any qualifications to handle that? Running a government is clearly more complex than running a medium size hotel chain. It is like asking Basil Fawlty to run General Electric.

Or should I go for the very obvious? The man is a liar. The lies keep pouring out. His team is picking up, and no longer care about whether there is any truth in what they say or not. The former campaign leader suddenly seems to only have been loosely connected to the team - Seriously? Their morale is worn down. Sean Spicer has become Americas own Comical Ali. Remember him? Saddam's press guy? Some day the President of the United States will need support based on personal credibility. And then there is none. What then. More Comical Ali?

Or perhaps I could take another angle. The unbelievable double standard of the majority of GOP members of Congress. Russian ties, poor leadership, lack of government appointments, corruption, nepotism. In the absence of American leadership, China enters the stage. Nothing seems to stick. It is a lack of integrity. It proves one thing, the diagnose many voters made that the system is not functioning was right. The problem is that the chosen cure may well kill the patient.

It is fair to say I think, that if the current president of the United States looks tall at all, it is because he is standing on the shoulders of giants.

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