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Should we worry that Donald Trump is somehow a Dark Sith Lord?

Well as an old Star Wars fan I can assure you he is not. We all know that Sith Lords come in twos. A master and an apprentice. And we also know that Trump is surrounded by many more than one apprentice. So the Sith analogy does not work. Besides, the Sith master does not tolerate mischief amongst his own. And clearly, Donald Trump has little control over his own house.

Speaking of which. Yesterday's news that General Flynn had to go after having become to buddy with the Russians and discussed foreign policy with the Russian ambassador on the phone. And the former head of a secret service branch couldn't foresee that the phone was tapped, or that there could be anything wrong in discussing foreign policy with Russia. Furthermore, he seems to have taken after his (now) former boss and started do lie about what he's done, and not done, to people around him. The Republicans have previously stated that the firing of Flynn as head of the DIA was political. How could such a wonder boy have done anything wrong? Hmm.

To Donald Trump this boils down to the critical problem of leaks from his White House. Not particurlarly concerned about the fact that he obviously made a stupefying misjudgement when he hired the Islamophobic ex-General in the first place. Nor very concerned about the huge - still - unanswered question of all the curious links between Putin's regime and Trump's messy office. And neither seemingly concerned about the rapid spreading of the culture of lies and untruths at the top of the government. No - The real problem is the leaks. Hmm.

The rolling of heads was predicted by many when Trump was elected, but how quickly it started must be surprising to even the most pessimistic of us. And I'll make an unbold prediction that heads will continue to roll - Further building an image of a White House in chaos.

The mental health of Donald Trump continues to be questionable. Any other 70-year old man who claims to see million of people clearly not there, or not being able to tell rain from sun on occasion like the inauguration would have been admitted to a psychiatric ward. But to a lot of Republicans I fear that the truth is so scary that they prefer to turn away and pray that it will all go away by itself, so they continue to play music on the sinking ship. The rest of us stand as passive bystanders - watching this once proud nation's accelerating slide down to the abyss.

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