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Ragnarök coming as an audio book this year

I pledged to write the follow up for Ragnarök this year. And I still very much intend to do just that. I have the sketches and the story outline already ready (well - actually I have been cooking on that book for 3-4 years, so it is not as impressive as it might sound). And as January started I had sharpened my pencils and was about to sit down and write. As it were, that didn't happen. Instead, I'm fully engaged with two projects for two different companies, and there is no time to write now.

But! I have kicked off another project I had in my mind to do, and that is to make Ragnarök into an audio book. Christina at Quintano has promised me she has some very talented readers who have done this before. I am thrilled, and can't wait to hear the story read by someone else. Hopefully, this should be ready this spring.

Stay tuned here for updates!

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